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25th August 2019 

Counselling and Psychotherapy in North London

About Counselling and Psychotherapy
Counselling and psychotherapy offer a way of exploring your experience of life through talking with another person who is trained and experienced in helping people to live in a more satisfying and fulfilling way.
People seek counselling and psychotherapy for many different reasons, but whatever brings you to me, my primary focus is on the relationship between us, where I offer myself as an empathic, compassionate and trustworthy person willing to explore with you whatever you need to explore. I have a deep trust in the ability of each indidvidual to heal and grow and I have the expertise and experience to create the best conditions for this to happen.
There is a whole range of different approaches to this work but research has shown that the most important factors in successful counselling/psychotherapy are the relationship between therapist and client, and the attitudes and resources of the client.
Counsellors and psychotherapists are trained and supervised to maintain high standards of trust and integrity in the work they do. Most will abide by an Ethical Code with a Professional Body, to whom complaints can be made if a client feels bad practice is taking place.

For guidance in choosing a counsellor/psychotherapist go to the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) web-site:

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